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How long before complete facelift/necklift recovery?

  • springup
  • Staten Island, NY
  • 3 years ago

I'm almost six months into recovery from facelift, necklift and lower bleph.  There are so many issues I never expected to experience.    I still have tightness around the neck and behind the ears and two swollen glands in my neck.  I wake up every day hoping to feel different but I'm aware of the discomfort all day.    My jowl line is higher than it was and I have a sort of ridge above my jaw that  sometimes seems to relax and drop but then raises up again as the tightness returns.    In low light I look worse than in sunlight .  I can see shadows and lines and hardness that actually make me look older than I did before.  I have dark stains on my cheekbones under my eyes which is taking a very long time to fade.  My scars are still visible at my hairline and I have a raised one on the corner of my eye.  My husband is not at all happy with my results, but no one else has seemed to notice a change, or maybe just haven't said anything because  I camouflage with makeup.   I was a very young looking 59.   All I initially wanted was some filler in my marionette lines, but I wound up getting all of this done.  Now I have scars, lumps, uneven skin tone and discomfort.   My confidence is not what it used to be and I also feel really foolish and guilty for having chosen to do this to myself.  I get so discouraged when I read about short recovery time and wonderful results after a few months.  Actually,  I seem to look a tiny bit better and more like me this month, but I still look  'strange" to myself and not what I had hoped for.  Realistically, when should everything loosen up, scars fade and see full results.  Has anyone else had a rough recovery?