How long to go back to work?

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  • 3 years ago

Hey everyone - I just scheduled my breast reduction surgery for May 17. I'm excited, nervous, ecstatic and terrified all at once! According to my doctor and everything online, they say you should wait two weeks before going back to work. I work a desk job. Did anyone else find it acceptable to go back sooner than two weeks? I'm curious if 2 weeks is just a guideline or if there are real reasons why you shouldn't go in that early. Also...any help or suggestions you an give me as I get ready for the procedure would be very helpful! I've done all the reading online, but it's the little things I won't think of! Thanks! Aestas1

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I went back to work after 2 weeks (also have a desk job) I probably could've gone back a little sooner but I used the second week getting out and about again and being a little more active to prepare myself for work again. The first week was spent doing absolutely nothing but lying watching tv and sleeping! Felt like I needed another buffer week to integrate myself back into my normal lifestyle! If I could have took 3 weeks I would have but couldn't afford any more time off
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I had my BR on Aptil 22nd and hope to return to work on May 3rd. I am a SLP so I do not lift or pull at work. I thought I would return to work after one week but am very glad I allowed myself the extra few days for recovery.
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Hi! I was approved for surgery today (yay!) and I am going to fill out paperwork tomorrow. I am also an SLP and I am hoping to return to work as soon as possible so I don't have to struggle to get in too many extra make-up sessions. What do you recommend? How did you feel 1 week after?
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Hi,Congratulations on your decision to have the surgery. You will love love love the reduction! I believe two weeks is only a guideline. I had my surgery in April I am still not back to work. My job is very physical, I lift, push, pull bend squat etc and usually on my feet 6-7 hours a day. If I went back to work after 2 weeks I am certain I would be in more pain than I am in now. My advice, do what is right for you. Only you know when you can go back. Everyone heals at different rates. The fact that you have a desk job is a positive for your early return. If you do decide to return within the 2 weeks just be cautious of the things you do.

You will be okay I felt the same way and now I love the fact that soon I will be able to wear that cute sundress I bought 5 months ago anticipating my surgery. The summer is looking good!

Keep us posted.

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Yes, I was ok to go back after a week but took additional time because I was concerned about getting bumped in the chest since I take the Metro in Washington, DC every morning.

No heavy lifting or reaching. Also, someone posted a list of 15 things I wish I knew before surgery on this blog that I found MOST helpful as I prepared for my surgery on March 25th.

good luck!
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I went back after about 10 days off work, and it was fine. As long as your work doesn't involve heavy lifting or anything too physical, it should be all right. I think the 2 weeks suggested guideline is generous, just to be on the safe side.
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Thanks for posting your concern here on RealSelf. This post says about a week is all that's necessary. Hope this helps!

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