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How long after TT can you.....

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  • 3 years ago

How long after a TT can you get into a bikini? I know there is alot of swelling issues for months to come, however... I am wondering since you have to wear the binders and stage 2 garments for so long after when can you comfortably be up and to the beach? I am having my TT in mid-May and this is a concern of mine since summer is literally a few weeks after the TT! Help ladies

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I had my tt on April 14th and was wearing a bikini in late June.  Yes I did have swelling but didn't care.  Make sure to keep the scar covered.  You do not want to get any sun on that for the first year.  If you do it will become very dark and ugly looking.
really? that is actually slightly longer then I antisipated. Oh well... I will just be gratefully if I can get into a bikini without people running away. I dont care if its not until December... I will have one on!!

That is right!  You go for it and be proud!