How long after surgery should you see drainage?

  • sammysmomma
  • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone I had my BR on May 31st and didn't have drains in. I've had minimal drainage in a few spots but I'm concerned that I'm almost at the 3 week mark & I'm still having drainage. I still have steri-strips over my incisions, which I can take off in 3 days but I've had to remove a few pieces & replace it due to the drainage accumulating under it.    Is drainage almost 3 weeks post-op out of the norm?

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Hi I had my BR on May 29 and I did have drains in, but I am draining on both breasts but both sides my incisions have opened. My PS has me on antibotics and I was there today and he did a debridement and cleaned it up, he tells me that it will take several weeks to heal, sometimes this happens he also has me on Vitamin C and Zinc. So yes drainage for me is the new norm. :(