How long after surgery before my weight goes back to normal?

  • TXmamma4
  • 1 year ago

I know it's not an important number but my wt is up ~12lbs done my TT with thighs lipo on 3jan. 

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I think it depends on the individual! For me, I weighed 138 lb the morning of surgery at the PS office. He took five lbs of skin and fat, and this morning at the gym I was 144 #! To be fair, I was wearing clothes and sneakers at the gym and nearly naked and fasting at the PS office....and scales can be different...bjt the bottom line is that I am still swollen and hopefully just nor gaining weight from sedentary recovery time! I am nine weeks post op and have been trying to walk and exercise in limited ways since five weeks post op.
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I am three weeks PO and I am finally back down to normal weight (I was up 7 or 8# by 2 days PO). But I am really watching my activity level and food closely. HTH!
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