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how long after lipo can I drive?

  • Cindy in Valrico
  • Valrico, FL
  • 3 years ago

I had liposuction on April 29 on both my thighs, upper and lower ad's, love handles and fat around my breast and underarms area. It's been a week. I feel better, but hurt and walk like a turtle. LOL It was worth $4,000.I am laying down and using my laptop! Want to drive, but my thihgs still hurt and my underarm area. I don't how people return to work sooner than 1 week. OH MY

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can any1 help? i had implants uplift and lipo on my belly 5 days ago, iam feeling better just sore when can i drive?
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After liposuction surgery,you should have to take 2 months for relax. I am damn sure that after 2 month,you will not feel any type of pain and would happy with your successful results.
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After a liposuction surgery it is critical for you to take proper care of yourself and follow your liposuction surgery doctor's instructions as well as all guidelines provided by the medical staff. Following these instructions after liposuction surgery will assure a quicker and easier recovery. Being disciplined about post-operative care and adopting healthier habits will optimize your liposuction results, long-term. For more details contact our expert Dr. Farella.
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You can't drive w/ anesthesia but after that it's up to your pain threshold. Ask your doctor to be certain.
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