How Long After Giving Birth Should I Wait?

  • ohEMMgee Becky
  • 2 years ago

Let me begin by explaining myself. I am new to this site &really just beginning my plastic surgery journey. I've recently spent some time peeking at several of the ladies who have completed their surgery & reading how it progressed so i felt it might be cool to do my own. In all honesty i have just made up my mind to make this happen for myself. The expence of it all in addition to the fact I'm a new mother and uncertain about what my results will be like kinda make me want to chicken out. But its been hard. My little girl is 5months now &i think im a little depressed that i havent "snapped back". I hate my.belly love handles & hips. I just want to be back to my old self ((okay thats a lie i want to be BETTER than my old self)) : ) i guess what im looking for opinions on how long you should wait after having a child before you get surgery & if the results will be affected if iys done too soon.