How Long After Giving Birth Should I Wait?

  • ohEMMgee Becky
  • 1 year ago

Let me begin by explaining myself. I am new to this site &really just beginning my plastic surgery journey. I've recently spent some time peeking at several of the ladies who have completed their surgery & reading how it progressed so i felt it might be cool to do my own. In all honesty i have just made up my mind to make this happen for myself. The expence of it all in addition to the fact I'm a new mother and uncertain about what my results will be like kinda make me want to chicken out. But its been hard. My little girl is 5months now &i think im a little depressed that i havent "snapped back". I hate my.belly love handles & hips. I just want to be back to my old self ((okay thats a lie i want to be BETTER than my old self)) : ) i guess what im looking for opinions on how long you should wait after having a child before you get surgery & if the results will be affected if iys done too soon.

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Hi there, welcome!

Have you spoken to any doctors about timing? I haven't had the surgery myself, but I would assume that the main problem with having it too soon is that you may not have lost all of the "baby weight" that you need to lose. However, most doctors will tell you if they need you to gain/lose weight prior to surgery.

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