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How long did you need 24 hr help after TT?

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  • 3 years ago

How long did everyone have twenty four hour help after their TT?

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Had my surgery on a Weds. Stayed overnight at a surgical center where the nurses were great. My husband worked from his home office Thurs & Friday. By Mon morning, my Day 5, I was completely fine alone. Those first few days it's good to know someone is watching over you.
I'm with mixter, I had my surgery on a Thursday and by Monday my husband went to work and my daughter went to school. My mom lives close by and would come by to check on me if I needed anything but I def did not need 24 hour care or even close to it. I will be 2 weeks post op tomorrow.
I think it all depends on the individual but for 3 to 5 days would've been suficient, 5-8 days would be better 7-14 days would definately be the best! As long as you get help because it will be needed for a healthy recovery =)
I had surgery on a Thursday. By Monday I was fine being home alone. I did still need help to get out of the recliner and get up but if no one was home, I figured out a way to do it myself.
I needed it for about 1 week and a half. The first 2 weeks was the hardest for me my recovery went really well but it was because I had so much help and support.

If you are able to arrange help for the first 3-4 days that would be very helpful.    The first week is the worst but if someone can help get you through the first 3-4 you will feel much better.  It will just take some stress off of you.

Surrender yourself to someone and let them take care of you.