Lollipop incisions?

  • Acs2656
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2 years ago

This is the style my surgeon uses on all of her patients, and her before and after photos look fantastic, so I am perfectly fine with it. The two young women who referred me to her both were exceedingly happy with their results as well.   I know from reading that there will be slightly more puckering on the vertical scar, but I am also willing to have that in return for no incision along the bottom of my breasts. I would love not to have drains. I have a low pain threshold with certain things, like peeling off bandaids and getting shots, and I have a feeling that avoiding drains and drain removal is probably better for me in the longrun anyway.   What I want to know from all of you is who had a BR using this technique and was it 'easy' to take care of. Were there drains involved in anyone who had lollipop incisions?   Any information from those of you with this procedure would be very welcome.   I have a review up! Out of the Blue in Pittsburgh PA