So do you have to literally have all liquids before your surgery for your liver to shrink?

  • JanelleN12
  • 10 months ago

My doctor told me I had to have 2 protein shakes a day and soup and snack on jello and Popsicles. But I am still starving. My surgery is the 18th. If anyone could let me know what they did that would be great :)

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Hi are you having your proceedure tomorrow 12.18.13.? If so, so am i. We willbe having ours on the same day. Good luck.

Hi there, welcome!

It depends on your pre-op weight. However, if the doctor advised you all liquids (which is what I was on) then you should try and stick to it. They need your liver as small as possible, so they can move it out of the way to get to your stomach.

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, I hope it all goes well and you have a smooth recovery! Please do let us know how you're doing.