Lipotuck in 6 days.... scared and excited

  • sexyjen
  • Houston, TX
  • 3 years ago

I am 43 mother of 4, after the C-sections my jelly belly appeared and my love handles grew, my heightest weight in pregnancy was 230lbs currently at 183, these boards have calmed my nerves and I am hopeful with the full TT Lipo I will finally have the body I dreamed of,anyone else had LIPOTUCK??

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Hey girl!

I am very excited for you!  Two more days and counting.  Nervous is normal but it will all be worth it in the end.  Just try to focus on that new body that is about to come your way.  Think about the shopping you will be able to do and how amazing you will look and feel. 

Just stay with your girls on RealSelf and we will help you through!
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My lipo tuck is this Thursday the 18th :-) lipo of the flanks , abdomen, pubis , back and repair of the stomach muscles separated by pregnacy ... Got all my prescriptions , got off all vitamins - supplements - ordered the recommended supply list , taking two weeks off before I'm back to work ..kind of freaked about being under for 6+ hours ..
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i had TT and lipo of upper abdomen, pubis and flanks on 10/20. the change in my body is incredible.

You have to be prepared for not so much the pain, although there is pain, but for the stiffness and soreness and the inability to stand up straight. and you don't wake up a skinny person - you wake up with a flat stomach but you're swollen, but that goes away. In the 3.5 weeks since I've had my surgery I feel so much better - gone back to work, fit into clothes way better - the swelling is coming down - RealSelf has been an amazing sense of support for me - it's so nice to come on here and talk to other people who have "been there, done that".
Good luck with your surgery and keep us all posted with your recovery!
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I considering lipotuck also and I am also concern, My doctor is will be using sedation instead of general anthesia and tells me the procedure will take 7 hours. Have anyone had this procedure done with the use of sedation for 7 hours.
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I'm so happy for you! Where are you getting your lipo (as in, which body parts)? I know that most doctors offer lipo as part of their tummy tuck procedure. So you should be able to find plenty of women who've been through the same thing! Keep us posted!

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