Liposuction & weight restrictions

  • Mary K
  • 2 years ago

Do you ned to be within a certain weight in order to get liposuction?  Do you need to have a certain BMI?  I met with a Dr. who recommended a tummy tuck.  I am not interested in a tummy tuck.  Has anyone in the Boston area had liposuction?  Results?  Recommendations?  

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Hi Mary K,

DId you ever decide on which procedure to go with? Liposuction isn't supposed to be a method of weight loss, it's really a body contouring tool. So from that perspective there probably would be a weight restriction, if only because above a certain weight you wouldn't see any benefit from the Liposuction.


Consult another dr. If you get the same opinion twice I would say go with the TT. A TT will give you a much better result than lipo alone, they do lipo before the TT. It will also give you a waist.