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Liposuction or Tummy Tuck??

  • misspak
  • Elmont, NY
  • 3 years ago

I need to get rid of this stomach, it's not bad but i had a baby 10 years ago that left me with the famous "pouch!"  I'm not sure if I should get lipo or a tummy tuck.  When I went for a consultation they recommended lipo on the top and bottom abs, as well as the side love handles.  However, my aunt had liposuction done and her results are not even noticable, meaning no results!  She said it's not guaranteed....I don't know what to do now, I was so excited to get lipo but if it's not going to work I'll just die.  Should I get a tummy tuck instead?  

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Hmmm... that is a tough decision.  My friend is getting lipo soon and she had a baby ten years ago too.  Hers is fat though (she is beautiful in my book and she hates working out.)  After you have a baby sometimes you get a pouch that lipo won't help with.  If it is just fat then lipo will work though.  Do you do situps a lot and your stomach still won't go away?  If that's the case then I'd go for the tummy tuck.  On the other hand, another girl I know got a TT when she should have gotten lipo.  Her stomach is flat in the center but her fat seemed to move to the sides and back area.  I think we need to see some pics to help you decide. :)

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I will take pics to post soon, I'm finding it difficult to determine whether it's skin or fat, or maybe both, to decide with procedure to have done.
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Do you have a photo you can post so we can give more educated input? Here's what some doctors have to say about tummy tuck versus lipo. Hope it helps!

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