What Liposuction Techniques Do Plastic Surgeons Prefer?

  • 3 years ago

Below are survey results provide by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).


  • SAL: “traditional” liposuction
  • PAL: Power-assisted liposuction
  • UAL: ultrasound-assisted liposuction
  • LAL: Laser-assisted liposuction

The Aesthetic Society survey consisted of 17 questions pertaining to the application of liposuction and other fat removal techniques, management of complications, and experience with newer fat removal technologies. The survey was distributed via email to 1,713 ASAPS members, of whom 492 (28.7 percent) responded. Highlights of the survey include the following findings:

Most respondents perform between 51 and 100 liposuctions per year.

Most currently employ or have previous experience with SAL (92.7 percent), UAL (59.6 percent), and PAL (44.7 percent).

Fewer have experience with LAL (12.8 percent), mesotherapy (5.7 percent), or noninvasive devices (12.8 percent).

The preferred method of fat removal from most to least popular was:

SAL (51.4 percent)

PAL (23.0 percent)

UAL (20.9 percent)

LAL (3.9 percent) 

Noninvasive devices (0.8 percent) 

Respondents felt that newer fat removal technologies including LAL and mesotherapy were associated with a disproportionately higher rate of complications compared with more established methods (ie., SAL, PAL, and UAL).

Respondents felt that marketing (68.3 percent) was the most common reason that influenced patients to choose newer treatments such as LAL.

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The outcome does not surprise me at all. Marketing, especially in these days, is the most important reason people buy something. Consumers are just sheep ..........

This is really interesting data. I never would have guessed that "traditional" liposuction is still this popular. Marketing indeed.


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