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Liposuction swelling - how is your recovery?

  • Janet
  • Seattle, WA
  • 4 years ago

What are you doing to reduce swelling after liposuction?

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How are you ladies doing?...I am three weeks post op...and freaking out a bit...while my abdomen looks flatter i have that weird hard spot and indent inner thighs look better to...BUT my flanks and lower back look really uneven...the side that the zipper was on look so much more i switched to a design veronique front zipper i use the foam under the any of you ladies feel the flanks take the longest to go down...I had minimal bruising...that is normal for me...but i feel more swollen now I do take parsley supplements and well a seaweed extract called bladderwrack that helps with edema....i had the fat transferred to my buttocks and now they look like they have more cellulite....did any of you experience this?...does it get better?
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oops too not to
5 months out I had lipo done on thighs butt knees upper arms not happy with thighs or upper arms my upper arms are wrinkled bad
Wow...did the ps say what can be done about that....I know they say it takes up to a year to see results. ..but it is still scary waiting for them to happen
Chicohen..... YOu may need to go back to the doctor. I am also 5months out and I have no swelling, Im extremely happy with my results. What your saying isn't what I am experiencing so you need to get a second opinion.
I'm 10 days post-op lipo of back,flank, abdomen and waist. Appox 10 liters off, I'm very swollen, with an increased amount of drainage from incision lines despite the fact that I had 2 drains still can't walk upright yet and extremely uncomfortable. MY PS told me that I didn't need to wear my CG 6 day post-op, do you all feel that wearing the CG would assist in decreasing the swelling and if so should I wear at night or in the day? I do feel as though the swelling increases at night making it difficult to move around. Any suggestions would be appreciated as the heaviness I feel in my back is getting to be intolerable.
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I am 3 months post op and still wear my CG at night. I definitely think it helped with smoothing, at least for me. The numbness and tingling is mostly gone. I do get the feeling of my skin on my abdomen being ripped every now and then when exercising. I significantly increased water intake, low sodium diet and went to veggie smoothly for dinner. Definitely noticed a significant decrease in swelling.
I had a tt and thi Lft 14 days ago. I started wearing my CG 9 days after surgery day and night. Get the one by Ardyss. It helps you to stand straight and hold u in. I am able to stand up completely. Also standing for a while with your back on the wall is priceless. I pray this helps. Good luck.
My plastic surgeon wanted my garment on day and night for six weeks starting in the recovery room.
Mine wants me to wear it for 2 months.
I am 3 weeks post op today, I did high volume liposuction to my upper/lower abdomen and upper/lower arms. According to my doctor, I am still swollen and will continue to lose more inches. So far, I've lost 3 inches off my waist and 4 inches off each arm. I am happy with my results but I am suffering from hardness/lumpiness on my upper left arm and a weird fluid movement feeling in my lower left arm...not sure if there is a connection between the two. I also feel extreme hardness on my stomach especially around my belly button area. I have been doing the massages twice a week since day 8 and I did an ultraviolet massage on day 3. My doctor insists that he's beyond pleased with my results and always says "wow" every time he sees me, but that could be because I am scheduled to go back to do my upper/lower flanks, upper/lower back and my inner thighs in a few weeks....but now, with the lumpiness of my arm and the hardness of my stomach and the fact that it's been 3 weeks and I'm still sore/achy and even in slight might not be wise to go back in for round 2 just yet. The doctor did remove close to 10 liters from me so that could be why it's taking me a bit longer to recover than it normally should. I just don't know anymore. I love my results and love that I've lost like 14 lbs already and all those inches, but I can't help but be a little hesitant to continue.
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You are doing a lot better than I am.. I am 3 weeks post lipo on my stomach,flanks and hips. I haven't lost any inches or any weight. He took 5 liters off me. And I don't show any changes.
maybe you have excessive swelling? I was told to drink a lot of water and eat pineapple and parsley since those both help with water retention. Do you see any changes physically? How about your clothes, how are they fitting now?
Hello ladies! I just reread my post from last week (god was I miserable...) and would like to say that I feel much better today! A lot of the swelling has gone down, as well as the bruising. The lymphatic massage has been a great help, frankly. I don't know how much I've actually lost in measurements, but there's a definite change in silhouette. I realize this will continue to evolve (and hopefully improve) so I'm not dwelling on it. My main concern right now is that I appear to swell at night, when the CG becomes intolerable. Is this normal?! Coz during the day I feel fine..
I still can't wear pre op clothes let alone anything smaller..
FullMommyMakeover: Wow, 10 liters is a lot, were you hospitalized afterward? My PS wouldn't go beyond 6. Please wait on your second surgery, your body needs time to recover. Wait at least six months in between if you can. Life does get better, but I know my first month was very rough.
I'm starting to feel much better once bruising and swelling goes I'll be so happy my weight is down some I did the top of arms and full thighs and knees
I know!! I'm worried that I might end up doing my body harm. I wasn't hospitalized afterwards, but I was kept in his office under close observation. He wouldn't let me go home, even when I was feeling up to it. He made me take a nap and waited until I used the bathroom before he let me go home. 10 liters is a lot and that wasn't the plan originally but his nurses switched shifts while he was operating on me and they miscounted, at that point he had already finished one arm, so he had no choice but to continue. But I will tell you this, it's now 3 weeks & 1 day and my stomach that used to hang by my hips is completely gone! I had gained a 100lbs with my pregnancy and my son is now 11 months old so all of the fat that he removed was "new fat" as he called it and my body is healing itself fairly quickly (or so he says). I start yoga tomorrow in hopes of stretching out my sore muscles and to help speed up recovery. I'm doing everything by the book. No junk food, no late night snacking, lots of water and I'm staying away from bad carbs! After all that pain and money who wouldn't want to keep it up? I'm also down another 2 lbs this week (weigh in is today) Brings my grand total to 16 lbs now.
That seems rather odd. You must definitely be swollen! Are you wearing the CG? Here's a little tip, wear a tank top then medical foam then the CG, it gives a nice smooth appearance and also helps with the pain from the CG. The tank top helps keep your skin protected from any foam/CG (just make sure the tank top or undershirt does not have any ridges and if it's sewn at the sides, wear it inside out.) Trust me! It really does help!! I took before and after pictures and I also measured myself before and every week after!
Also, make sure whatever CG you wear, it's made in Columbia! Those are the only ones that give you an hourglass figure. I read a lot of posts on RS were women were complaining of having that square figure...the Columbian CG give you a very nice shape!
Try lifting your legs on a few pillows at night. If you are swelling at night it may be because the CG is not tight enough, when you lie down it probably loosens up. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Means there's hope for the rest of us!
How long has it been bets? Swelling does take time to go down and the more fluids you take into your body the faster the swelling goes down.
Chicohen, did the full thighs hurt? I wanted to do my inner thighs next, but I'm scared it will be too painful to walk on...
2.5 weeks
Bets! that was when the swelling actually started to decrease! give it time, I started seeing positive results this past weekend...all you need is a little time & lots of water and it will get better!