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how much is liposuction in the shreveport, la area?

  • Shreveport306
  • Shreveport, LA
  • 3 years ago

im considering getting my flanks and abdomen done

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Prices for liposuction can vary significantly depending on a lot of factors, not just by geography. Sometimes the price being offered can give you a clue as to some of these other factors. The physician may not have hospital privileges to perform this procedure, and may only be able to offer it in his or her office (not ideal). It may be sold as a 'less invasive' or 'awake' method, which usually means no anesthesia provider to monitor the patient properly, or that only a small amount of liposuction can be performed (limiting results). Make sure you seek out a board-certified Plastic Surgeon who has hospital privileges to perform liposuction, and performs these procedures in an accredited/licensed/certified facility. Beyond that, look for someone who specializes in body contouring procedures and has performed hundreds, if not thousands of these procedures and can show you a lot of his/her own results. Prices for liposuction at our practice in Shreveport are based on the time it takes to perform the procedure, and also if the patient has already had work done in that part of the body, like previous liposuction. A large part of my practice is revision liposuction, correcting deformities from previous liposuction performed elsewhere, and those surgeries cost significantly more than a primary case due to their complexity and the extra time and expertise involved. We have found over and over that many of our patients who had received an inexpensive liposuction procedure somewhere else, many times from a non-plastic surgeon or a plastic surgeon not known for good liposuction results, would have happily paid a little more to have had it done right the first time. Many times, these patients were never even good candidates for liposuction in the first place. If someone comes to see me and they are not a good candidate, I have absolutely no desire to perform that surgery. It's sometimes hard enough getting great results on the good candidates, and I don't do what I do just to take someone's money and do another surgery. Our patient coordinators can always give pricing estimates based on a patient's individual needs. Hope that helps!
Im thinking of getting it done in the next couple of months. Any recommendable doctors?

Hello and welcome to RealSelf!

The best way to get an accurate quote is to go on a consultation with a local doctor. You may be able to request a general price online (here's a list of Shreveport liposuction doctors). Liposuction is usually priced by area, so someone in Shreveport who only had their flanks done will pay less than you. (FWIW, our nearest liposuction reviewer to you paid $1,400 for her back only)

Sorry if that's clear as mud! It just so happens that liposuction is different for everybody, and not just geographically. :)

When are you thinking of having it done?