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Liposuction Shopping List, Glossary, Essential Questions and Before/After Gallery, Now Available!

  • 8 months ago

We know a lot of you have been asking, for a long time, to get some good Liposuction guides going. We've taken the hint, gotten together a few of the more experienced Lipo members and put together a list of all of the important questions and Lipo terms you'll need to know.

There are links below to the Lipo Shopping List, Lipo glossary/slang, for all new members, who may not know some of the terms and expressions used in the Lipo community, a guide to the 20 essential questions and an awesome before/after gallery of some of the most popular Lipo outcomes! Please share any extra information you may have, in the comments of the guides.

More guides will be coming and if there's a guide you really want, that we haven't thought of yet, then please leave a comment and let us know!

Lipo Shopping List

Lipo 20 Essential Questions

Lipo Glossary/Slang

Lipo Before/After - Most popular transformations

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Very useful links. Can you share a list with well known clinics from where i can get my liposuction surgery done because it very difficult to decide for me regarding where should i go for liposuction. Some one suggested me this clinic of Dr. Rich he has a clinic and his website is
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It would also be helpful to add a list for bbl item to buy.... I'm not really sure as to how many compression garments I will need and what are the best ones to buy?
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Hey there, you can find the BBL shopping list. here:
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That's kirsty you are the Best.... :)
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There are all sorts of garments and you have to make sure the garment fits properly and does not let your skin split into different sections also a garment that has boning is not good or you will end up with dents. This is not good.Also to do your post-op lymphatic massages.
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What a Great list.... Thanks
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Glad you're finding it useful! :-)
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