Lipo vs mini TT, no c section scar

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  • 1 year ago

I made a consult to a board cert PS, for lipo. I have been under the knife before with breast aug, and am pleased. I am small build, pretty fit, yet i have an area of some stretchy skin and small pouch under the belly button, and my belly button is more horizontal after having my son. It has always bothered me, yet my husband and friends say its no big deal.

I went in to the consultation thinking all i needed was spot liposuction, yet when the doctor stated that although that is an option, it will only produce minimal results. After the doctor examined and pushed on my abs she stated that my pouch was not a result of fat, but of yet stretch out muscle and fascia. I do not have a hernia, yet she stated it is common due to pregnancy.

So basically , she said i can do all the sit ups i want , but i will never get my lower abs to look as defined as my upper abdomen. Her recommendation was a mini tummy tuck. This threw a curve ball at me, because I do not like scars, and my husband is weary as well as about the scar. I am very confused because all the advantages she mentioned I would get from a mini, such as more tightness, vertical belly button, reduction of saggy skin, are ALL things that appealled to me, only thing that didnt was the scar.

Can anyone please give me some input? I am not trying to seek ultimate perfection, yet if I am going to go under, I want more bang for my buck, I am torn, because I dont want to regret going full throttle with a tummy tuck in the future. Any input would help, blunt or not, just no hateful comments please Thanks

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What did you ultimately decide, and how were your results? Any info would be welcome.
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I can definitely understand your dilemma. 

Here's what some doctors say about lipo versus tummy tucks.

It's hard to give you any feedback without seeing a photo, but then, in this forum we're not medical professionals so you'd just get some layman's opinions.

You might want to go on a few consultations before deciding as different doctors often take different approaches (or one might corroborate the other and then you'd have that extra information).

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