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  • MusicLuver
  • Hawaii
  • 2 years ago

Ok....I keep hearing horror stories regarding lipo that it can come back to other areas of your body? OMG!!! I am having a tummy tuc on the 17th of July with lipo and now I dont know if the lipo is going to be a good thing. But I hear that lipo helps to smooth things out and help the TT with contouring your waist and all better....OMG! Whats to be done? 

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I chose not to have lipo with my tummy tuck because I didnt want to deal with the recovery, and didnt want the 'fat in weird places" thing that I kept reading about. I was a little worried because my upper stomach did have some fat on it. Well, I had an extended tt on 6/13 and it smoothed right down and blends beautifully. After going through the recovery I am SO glad I did not elect to have anything else done at the same time. I think its just a personal choice!.
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I had lipo on my outer thighs, hips and booty along with my tummy tuck.  My personal experience has been good.  I have not noticed anything coming back in other areas.  

With that said you do need to make sure you are following a healthy diet and exercise program after.  Lipo and a tummy tuck are not a free card to eat, drink and not exercise.  

It takes maintenance after the surgery so just know that.  

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