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To lipo or not to lipo? That's my question....

  • Sunshine627
  • Greensboro, NC
  • 3 years ago

So, I am scheduled for my TT and BL on Dec 28th and I am still terrified!! After seeing thousands and thousands of "after" pictures, I decided that I wasn't going to have lipo in addition to my TT because it just looks so incredibly painful. I am now wondering if I am going to regret that decision

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No pain, no gain! :P Do it anyway! You will look great! - I would! I will have to just work out harder at the gym on that area. I love working out my back any how! A sexy back is a plus! :)
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Didn't want to hear that, luv!

My PS said he'd do a bit on the 'back fat' from the bra line down - while he's in there. I think it will make a big difference, since the lower part will all be done. He said he has started including that, because he found a lot of women coming back later and feeling that they looked like Superman - thicker top and narrow waist.
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i too am confused about wether or not to have lipo. my surgeon never even mentioned it, so i thought maybe he would do it routinely as part of the tt. i asked the nurse at my pre op appointment yesterday, and she said i was just down for the tt?. what do i do?. if i'm going through all the pain, i might aswell do it right the first time.
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I thought most Dr's did do some lipo with tt...double check. If your already under, mine as well get it all done at once right?! My Dr said he will lipo flank and ab area....then in 3 months when swelling goes down go back in and touch up.
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Thanx for the advice. I will certainly get in touch with him before i go in,to see what he says. Thanx again. x
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Mine does the lipo and muscle tightening in the ab area, as part of the full TT.

I have to pay extra to have the lipo on the back of the hips - I guess that's the flank area?

I'm having both. He said it would be easy enough to get rid of the excess fat on the butt by exercise, but he'd do the hard parts.
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thanx for the reply. i will make sure i find out exactly what my surgeon is gonna do, and am going to meet him before the big day, and then again on the day of surgery. getting so excited!!
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Hello Spinmomma!

I had a mommy makeover and my Dr gave me a TT, tightened my ab muscles and lipod my flanks. ( I also got a BA) But that is what he does for full TTs. I love the results!

I also talked to another Dr bedore who said that lipoing the are under your bra (the bra roll on your back) is very painful. I never had that done, so I can't speak much to that.
When are you having your procedure?
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Does the lipo hurt? My Dr originaly told me he would lipp flank and pubic area with he wants to lipo my whole back side first and charge me another 1800...I dont think its worth it. I just need to stop being lazy and workout harder and eat better. My husbands says do it right the first time. What do you girls think? Will my back be hurting as much as my front?
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Oh...he also said after 3 months when all the swelling goes down he'll go back in and touch everything up lipoing front back sides whatever needs it. Anyone else done that? I know this guy is a good surgeon...voted best in the state and I know alot of people who go to him. I just want to make sure Im doing the right thing.
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Funny you should post this today. I called my PS today and asked about Lipo. I talked with his assistant and she said that he rarely does Lipo with a TT because of the increased risk. But she also said that because I was in good shape and healthy that he would probably consider doing it. As log as it wasn't excessive. I found that both strange and comforting. Strange because I mostly hear that Lipo is standard with a TT but its also comforting because he is so cautions and conservative. I finally convinced myself to do it but then she completely confused me today. I am know that I will be so much happier with the results but I dont want to put myself at risk or make my PS uncomfortable.
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When I first had my consult my doc also said that he didn't like to do both at the same time.  But them after all of the diet, exercise and that fact that I was so healthy and fit he was able to do it.  He was conservative and did not go nuts doing it.  He mainly wanted to smooth out my outer thighs, hips and booty a little bit.

I totally trust my doctor and know he would not have done it if it was going to put me in any danger.  Just trust in your doc and communicate with him your concerns and wishes.

I would much rather have a doc say no or maybe than one who just jumps right in and will do anything you ask. 
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Hey Sunshine!  I had both the lipo and TT and did amazing.  I had little to no bruising from the lipo and minor discomfort from it. 

I am extremely happy that I had both.  My final results would not have been as good without the lipo.  Would do it all over again if necessary.

But as Sharon said all docs are different so just talk to your and express your concerns/wishes.
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Hi Sunshine -- That's a good question. Sometimes it depends on your surgeon, because some doctors do liposuction automatically as part of a tummy tuck (here's a thread with more info: Is Liposuction Typically Done in an Abdominoplasty?).

Do you have areas that bother you specifically?

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