Lipo or no lipo before Tummy Tuck

  • wannagetflat
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • 2 years ago

I am scheduled for my Tummy Tuck on June 14. :-) I went back to my Dr. to ask if I need lipo with the tummy tuck. He had pretty much told me no that I would get flat without it at my first consult. Through reading the forum I have started to get nervous about how flat I will get and just wasn't sure. Dr started out by telling me that he thought I would get flat and see a big difference with just the tt. He also kindly told me that he didn't want to just take my money, he's really nice. I told him told him I want to be really flat, since I'm going through the pain and cost now. By the end of the appt, he said that taking some off would benefit in a flatter tummy. I would basically have to schedule something soon if I am going to get the lipo to my abdominal area. Now I feel like I talked him into it and maybe I don't need it. What are your thoughts? Did you are or are you getting lipo to the abdominal area first? I will try to post a pic of my belly soon.

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