Lipo to Full Abdm,waist,lower Back & Fat Trans to Butt. Who is Seattle Area Can Do This ?

  • wannabubblebutt
  • Washington
  • 2 years ago

I am looking to have all of this done in the next month. I have looked at Sonobella and Athenix because they claim to have a fast recovery time and consults are free. I've been saving and researching for over 4 yrs and I dont think my expectations are unreasonable.I want to be sure I choose the right Doctor. I have even thought of doing Mexico not because of price but there is a doctor on here who has GREAT reviews.I would much rather have this done here. Any sugestions for doc who can do this?

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No, I had to go out of state but it was well worth it !
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I've seen your pics on your review and you look awesome! Glad everything turned out well for you.

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hey wannabubblebutt - did you ever find the right surgeon for you in Seattle?

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