Lipo With Fat Transfer: AWAKE!

  • mariaflores
  • Miami Gardens
  • 1 year ago

I'm scheduled to have surgery in 2 days and I have seen Dr. Pelayo's patients and they are looking beautiful and are very satisfied.  But was is scaring the crap out of me with my lipo with transfer to butt is that I will be AWAKE?!

Everyone has said it's normal and there's no pain but I am soooooo scared!

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I had it done 8 days ago awake there were times I felt a burning sensation and they had to add more local but it was well worth it!
I know of a couple of Dr's that does the surgery awake and the patients say they didn't feel any pain. they numb ur body so u wouldn't feel it during the surgery.

Hi there, welcome!

I haven't had Lipo myself yet, but from what I've read it is perfectly normal to be awake during the procedure. They give you numbing fluid so that you don't feel anything.

It's definitely normal to be nervous though. Have you spoken to your doctor about your nerves and being awake?