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Lip Reduction Surgeons in Philadelphia Area?

  • IceCapadesQueen
  • Suburban Philadelphia
  • 1 year ago

I'm looking for recommendations for surgeons in the Philadelphia area who *regularly* perform lip reductions. I've heard about a very good one in Texas, but I'd prefer to stay local. I welcome any names, stories, or doctors you recommend I stay away from as well. Thanks!

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I've heard that Dr. Joe Niamtu is very good. He is not in Phili but in Va., so not too far
Thank you, Sarah, for your comment. What/where have you heard about Dr. Niamtu? I haven't yet checked into him. Thanks!
I have heard that there are very few specialists in the US for lip reductions and he is one of them, plus I heard he wrote a chapter for a plastic surgery journal on lip reductions. I read about someone who used him and they were very happy. He is at least worth a consult.