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Will a lip lift make me more attractive

  • BrigetteLA
  • 1 year ago

I dislike the length between my nose and lip, also I would like some more of the pink part showing on my lip and some tooth exposure. I went to a surgeon who told me it would disfigure me but I'm not sure if that's true, ESP as he makes money from doing lip fillers for me and he would loose out...

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u did lip lift and i saw ur lips looks sexy but the scar need time
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Your philtrim isn't long or flat so a LL for you doesn't seem the right way to go. You have pretty, full lips by the way! If you do a lift, I think you'll have too much vermillion show. But I'm not a doc so hopefully one of the experts will weigh in!
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Thanks for your post! I think you look really great. Is this after filler?

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