Fibromyalgia and breast implants ~ Is there a link?

  • 4 years ago

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I disagree. My 3 year old implants ruptured and I could not afford to get them taken out straight away, 6 months after the rupture I developed auto-immune symptoms, I have now been diagnosed with Lupus and celiac disease, I may die from complications. I still have the implants in, as I still can't afford to have them removed until next year (I'm in the UK). I have no relatives with Lupus or celiac. Even my surgeon believes there is a link, the whole of my armpit is swollen and red and the breast is hot and tender. I can't even lift my arm or wear a bra. Who paid for the scientific research? Was it independent? There's billions of pounds tied up in the implant business, of course you'll all swear blind there's no connection, as this is what you want to believe. Time will prove the connection, one day this will all be blown apart and the truth will come out. Mark my words.
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To All Doctors: Thank you very much for your answers. It had been very helpful and make me feel better. Now I'm just going to concentrate on try to get better with the Fibromyalgia. I'm going to Acupunture sessions and it did ,help me some with my energy and pain. Hopefully I get to feel better with the treatment. Thank you again. I'll be going to VS to buy me new bra's whenever I feel better and enjoy my implants too. Besos and Gracias... Marie
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