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Has anyone had a limited tummy tuck ( only excess skin removal & belly button re-position)?

  • Lotus5
  • Nashville, TN
  • 1 year ago

I am in great shape as I eat a clean diet and workout 5 days a week. However, I have loose skin and lots of stretch marks on my abdomen after having three kids. My plastic surgeon said I only required a limited tuck since he would not need to tighten my abdominal muscles, only remove the excess skin and reposition the belly button. Has anyone else had this? How long was your recovery? Were you pleased with the result?

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I wish more people would have commented on your question, because I have the same question. I have not seen a ps yet, but am hoping I do not have to have MR, but also don't want sub par results.
Hi Never too late. I notice most of the January forum had MR and Lipo with their TT. I had a small hernia repair and skin removal but no extensive MR or lipo. I think that's one reason. I've had only mild pain and mild swelling. I am very pleased with my results so far. I would suggest you consult 2 or 3 different surgeons so you can compare recommendations. Also, the better shape you are in prior to surgery, the sooner you will see results with fewer complications. I thought since I didn't require MR I'd bounce back quickly but that has not been the case. TT recovery is s slow process so I'm having to be patient and wait for my body to heal. Its not been easy but I have no regrets. When you decide to have the TT be sure and give yourself plenty of time to heal.
Thanks for the nice somments, I had exactly the same prodecure and for the same reason. Just muscle tightening and removal of excess skin. It was a full tummy tuck but I don't think the scar extends too far because I didn't have much body fat. I think it's the greatest provided you find the right doctor and take care of the incision and stick with lots of protein and vitamins. At two weeks you start feeling better each week. At one month kind of back to normal but by month 2-3 you're almost 90% back minus the swelling, scar treatment, and caution with exercise particularly ab work. I have not one regret but the first two weeks was harder than I had anticipated.
Thanks for the heads up Lilypad. Having a recovery timeline to guide my progress is very helpful and puts my mind at ease. I appreciate it!