Are you a "Liker" of our Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back page on Facebook?

  • 3 years ago

C'mon over and join the fun! Conversation about diet, exercise, and, yes, plastic surgery. :)

Just follow this link.

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Thanks for letting me know!! Will do!
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I am on facebook but by being a "liker" it doesn't post any of our "real self " photos to facebook does it? Don't want that!
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No! Not at all. Things we post just show up in your Facebook News Feed. You can go directly to the page's wall and post comments if you want, but certainly don't have to.

Yes I "Liked" that page. I posted a comment on it the other day. :)
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Thank you!
I am...and love it. Thanks for making it:)
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Gave up FB for lent but will definitely do an add when I get to log back on!
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You will love it ladies...come and join us!

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