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I would like to know the best way to get the most highest eyebrow arch from botox?

  • frogbutt
  • Keller, TX
  • 4 months ago

what I would like to know is my original girl is no longer doing botox because her business has taken off so well that she now has a couple of new people that are awesome but I just want to know if how she did my injections is what I felt was the right way for me and if I could express that to them without being rude. Terry always did about 35cc and would do a V shape on my fore head,two shots at the top and would work down to my nose.then a few on my outer crows feet.then some about my lips.perfect

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i have an ideal shape I want too and have never yet gotten the ideal results from botox or I would tell you who to go to (but it looks like you would be travelling quite a distance so....) Interesting it was a V shape as you say. I will bring this up if I decide to get it again. I have never seen much lifting from botox at all, which was what i wanted. I assume I would have to do more but that's not a definite. Wrinkles don't bother me as much as they bother others. When i see someone with that wrinkle -less forehead but old weird eyes, like on Real Housewives, it just looks awful. Their eyes look hollow and painfully trying to make up for the lack of movement in the forehead! Ugh. Doctors are dumb to think this is something to aspire to, sorry about the blunt way of saying this, but how dumb can you be to think that this is attractive? I guess maybe less botox and more appreciation for the whole facial beauty is in order here.