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I would like to hear from anyone who is suffering with dry eyes; and, think they could be because of using DermaLash.

  • wswjacci
  • 2 years ago

I started using DermaLash in October of 2011; and, saw results after about 2 months use.  However, about 2 months ago, I started suffering from blurry vision.  After noticing that it was not going away, I conceded and went to my eye doctor.  He said I have dry eyes, chronic.  Also, that he had not seen such a case as mine; because, it has effected my eyesight a lot.  I need another prescription, but he wants me to use some eyedrops he gave me, and return in two weeks.  I need to hear from YOU!  Because if this is an issue, they probably will have to do a quality control check.  There is no data for this product, like for others, i.e., Latisse.  This could lead to a class action if that is the case.