I would like a forehead reduction surgery. I found someone who does it.(Aharonov) And I wanted to know if he is a good doctor?

  • Ashley Belgrave
  • Barbados
  • 1 month ago

I wanted to know if Aharonov is a valid and good potential doctor to do my forehead reduction surgery.I was doing my research and came to his website.I saw pictures of his work and was impressed.But I've never been to a plastic surgeon or had any procedures done. So I would like to know if hes the right one? And if not are there any good doctors to do it? Also I know all of the "risks" that come with the procedure like lifting of the eyebrows and such.But I wouldn't mind that done either at all

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Hi Ashley I'm thinking of doing the procedure with Dr A. Look into yelp and you will see a lot of testimony in regards to HL or FR. They seemed all positive. Also look at his website.
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