I'd like to fill the cheek area... Ss first time dermal filler user, should I go with Juvederm or Sculptra?

  • Jasmine888
  • 1 year ago

My cheek area became flat, sunkenĀ and sagging after I turned 40 and also lost some weight lately...I'd like to get thatĀ nice "apple" back...I had a consultation with a local skin center. They recommended Juvederm ultra plus and Sculptra. I think Sculptra should work better for my case, but Juvederm just sounds safer and easier for a first time dermal filler user... do you agree? Unfortunately, they don't offer Radiesse, otherwise, that would be a nice choice for sunken cheek I think......

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My first recommendation would be to check on the credentialing of the skin center you had the consult with. Here is some info to help you know what to look for:

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Now back to your original question of which filler to consider - here is some info on that:

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I would also encourage you to take time to read through some of the reviews written by people who have had each filler done specifically in their cheeks. The search bar in the upper right works just like a google search specifically for RealSelf, so you can type in the different filler name and "cheek" to find reviews.

I'm so glad you are doing your research before deciding on which filler to go with - very smart of you!!