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Anyone Ever look like this

  • dcyr9752
  • Springfield ,Ma
  • 4 months ago

I've IPL treatments and one extra laser treatment to fade the scars . A total nightmare !!! First visit no problems when dermatologist did it . Second treatment a Esthetician did it . I was in so much pain , tears going down my face . Esthetician said she would try lowering the setting but if there wasn't much difference I should stay at the higher setting . Who was I to judge . She told me when I left that I would have a great result .. I had severe burns . Next visit dermatologist told me to let my chest rest a month and come back . he would use a different laser to fade my now 4 scars  , or like he said gun marks . Third visit after the different laser treatment back to IPL dermatologist did it no problem . Forth visit a different Esthetician fairly good result but my scars were getting much lighter and more noticeable. Fifth visit I blistered bad again , dermatologist was upset because the Esthetician was supposed to criss cross the laser around the scars to blend . Well she didn't do that . She was lasering straight across and now my scars show more because they were overtreated  . Also nobody told me That being on antibiotics made me light sensitive . I know you have to becareful because of sun and antibiotics . I'm very upset because I realize that things can go wrong . But I feel this could of been prevented . the antibiotics . the first girl telling me I should stay at the higher setting and just deal with the pain , and the second girl over treating the scars . I just hope someone can learn from me .I am now talking to lawyers . I will also add , been going to this dermatologist for many different things . He is one of the best around . I just feel that the Estheticians are not trained well enough .

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