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Light Nasal Suction post rhinoplasty

  • Kelstr
  • 1 year ago

Hey guys... So I'm in recovery 3 days after my open rhino/turbinate reduction... I notice when I suck on a straw I feel a faint air flow enter my nose.  So I put my finger up to my lips and I tried to suck on my finger gently.... and the same thing happens... I feel a very small stream of air being sucked into my nose.... why would this be happening? Is this normal until the nose fully heals?  it's a very weird sensation, can anyone shed some light on this?  I'm a little scared....    Thanks kelly

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Hey, I had to go to my surgeon today because I've developed a really badly swollen uvula... Had bloodworm done today and a throat swab, won't know for sure until results come in... anyways, I also asked about this.... "this post" and he suggested that because of the issues with my Euvula.. that I wasn't getting complete suction trough the mouth, and air was leaking in from the nose because I cant make a 100% seal right now..... Anyways, I feel great nose wise.... but havin uvulitis "or whatever this is" is killin me !! I'm a 30 year old 6' manly man... and today I was crying :( my uvula is so swollen it rests on the top of my tongue :( and is so painful, that Ice cream hurts !!! I'm now on some crazy pain killer meds and ibuprofen for inflammation.... I just wish I start a new antibiotic for my uvula now !! stupid 2 days for swab tests !!! Anyways, sorry for going all over the map with this post.... I'm just a little scared/tired/in pain.... but I know it'll be worth it in the end.... On the bright side, my surgeon said my nose is looking wonderful with minimal swelling !! :)
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Do you mean the air is coming in through your nostril (which, is seems, would be desired) or from somewhere else on your nose?

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