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Not Sure if I Need a Lift, High Profile? Moderate Plus? Size?

  • jsidea
  • 2 years ago

I measure 34.5" around and 32" band...which makes me a 32 b/c but all my bras are a C. I initially wanted high profile because my hips are narrow (I weigh 115 lbs, 5'4". waist 25.5", hips 34.5") but my fiance is concerned they might look torpedo-like. I bought sizers and and comfortable with 300cc so I am thinking 325 cc since I will be going under the muscle. My initial consultation, my dr. said I only need a augmentation, but the 2nd time I went he said I need an anchor lift. I don't want the scars, but also do not want to end up with large and sagging breasts. Are the scars worth it?? I would love any opinions and help on profile, size, and if I should get a lift.

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