Lifted my 4 year old 13 days after BR. Damage? Please help.

  • Pumpkin03
  • 2 years ago

I had a BR 13 days ago.  Yesterday, I lifted my 37 pound little girl because I got in a rush and my body got ahead of my brain.  Ugh.  Put her down and made sure all looked well and it did.  I had a few sharp pains in my left side and it *may* have swollen a bit bigger than it had been by last night, but nothing drastic.  And there *may* be a tiny bruise that wasn't there.  I know I'm splitting hairs here.  No bleeding or issues with the incisions, though.   I called the PS and his assistant basically said, "what's done is done.  He'll check it next time."  NOT comforting.  If there don't appear to be any major issues now 30 hours later is it probably ok?  Have I risked the outcome or just possibly prolonged the healing and swelling going down?  I know the instructions are not to lift for 6 weeks but I want to know what the risk is if you do. Any help would be appreciated...thanks!!