Anybody having a lift with implants but wants to be smaller

  • svejuca
  • 10 months ago

Hi I am 42, 5'6" and about 145lbs. My bra size is a full 36D. I would like a lift and a reduction but at the same time I would like to look younger and perkier not to perky so. Anyone had this done before?

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I just has an augmentation with lift done on jan 20 th. Pre surgery I was a 36 d with implants that were 325 and one 325 overfilled due to a symmetry issue. My doctor decided after 3 consults to try and do a crescent lift with implants somewhere between 275 cc and 325 cc. He agreed that if he didn't feel the crescent would give me enough of the lift we wanted he wold do the lollipop . When I woke he informed me he did the 275 in both breasts with a lollipop lift. So far the size seems perfect . I am defiantly smaller hopefully a c cup. They look a little crazy right now but I realize it will take some weeks before the shape we want is there. I totally trust my doctor and was so happy we were able to communicate to get me to the outcome I wanted! Lol I did drive him slightly crazy I am sure.