Hi. Have a lift/augment/tuck/lipo in July. Any suggestions for compression garments?

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  • 3 years ago

I'm a 40 year old single mom of 2. Both under age of 10. Was 265 at my biggest, post baby 2. Down to 145- 150 work out daily. Mostly yoga/ core performance/cardio I'm so worried about healing right and quickly I don't want to buy the wrong things and "hurt" myself or my wallet. Any ideas? My Dr's coordinator suggested looking on line. What size do I get? What's a typical one cost?

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Thank you for the feed back. I am going to just buy the one they offer at my ps office and then use it as a guide for me to order a back up for wash days. Im having my surgery on July 12th and am getting excited/ nervous. :-)
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I bought 2 from Healing Enhancements The docs office would probably put you in one or two but they will likely not be of the highest quality. I bought a body suit (no sleeves, above knees) and I highly recommend using one. There is an opening to urinate (I would take the suit down for a bm!). It's easier to deal with one piece then two and it doesn't move around which I like. They aren't cheap but my feeling is it was part of the total cost of makeover and for comfort and ease worth the $$. Good luck!

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Im surprised that your PS is not giving you one. Do they have them for you to buy there? Or are you looking for extra one? I wouldn't even know where to start to find one of thoes. Good luck! I can ask my PS where they get them at and get back to you :)
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