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Re: Check with your state Better Business Bureau. The Ft. Lauderdale BBB has given them an F rating. Here's a link to the BBB report:

Knowledge is Powerful!

A Reprot On Lifestyle lift. Please google them~!
DescriptionLifestyle Lift, Inc. owns the trademark "Lifestyle Lift" for use in connection with cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. The company licenses this trademark to cosmetic and plastic surgery centers across the country, and doctors perform facelift procedures marketed to the public under the name "the Lifestyle Lift." In January 2008, Lifestyle Lift sued Real Self, Inc., the operator of, an interactive website with forums that let consumers discuss their experiences with cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and vote on whether a procedure was "worth it" or "not worth it." A number of RealSelf users have written negative reviews of the Lifestyle Lift procedure, with 55% of users currently saying that the procedure was "not worth it."

The complaint alleges federal trademark infringement, unfair competition under federal and state law, and a violation of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act. It claims that passed itself off as affiliated with Lifestyle Lift by using its trademark in metadata and publishing a page that incorrectly listed contact information for doctors performing its procedure in Michigan. It is not altogether clear the extent to which Lifestyle Lift is alleging that RealSelf user reviews incorporating its mark violated its trademark rights. (Notably, one of the exhibits to the complaint consists almost entirely of user reviews about Lifestyle Lift.)

On March 3, 2008, Real Self filed an answer alleging that its use of the mark is a fair and nominative use (the latter defense refers to situations where you need to use someone's trademark in order to discuss or comment on a product or service). The company also filed counterclaims, alleging that Lifestyle Lift violated its terms of service (and unfair competition laws) by planting shill reviews in the Lifestyle Lift discussion threads.


5/12/08 - The parties settled. The terms of the settlement are not public.

7/15/2009 - According to the New York Times, Lifestyle Lift agreed to pay $300,000 in penalties and costs to New York State to settle an action brought be the New York Attorney General over Lifestyle Lift's practice of posting fake reviews on consumer review websites posing as satisfied clients.
It's also my understanding that a past website called ' INFOMERCIALSCAMS.COM' was sued for allowing patients to express their experiences about this corporate surgical center. It was the 1st website I have heard of that became public on the internet. On that site patients were not allowed to contact each other, only post.
Realself was the next website I saw that allowed patients to express their results and experiences with the procedure.Then they were sued at a later date.
I have heard that the medical director also sued when he had another business, a hair restoration, muchlike Bosley, for using a logo similar to the LSL logo.Many television stations/reporters interviewed unhappy patients and were also sued.
NBC10 Philadelphia,San Diego,and Atlanta. I am not sure of the outcomes of these stations.
A class action lawsuit was attempted and nixed by the court.
They are marketing geniuses and reprimaned by the NAD to change thier wording in thier ads, commercials & infomercials.
The BBB in Chicago, IL has a POOR rating on them as of 2 yrs ago. If it's changed, I am not aware of it.
The corporation used ads claiming it was a ' lunch time ' procedure & you can go back to work the 'next day'. In fact one TV ad showed a woman going to lunch w/ her husband after her procedure looking refreshed& happy & healed, in my opinion.
They have changed some of their ads, saying you can go back to work 'soon'.
There have been 2 deaths associated with the procedure. While I have heard the patients didn't fully disclose their medical history,I have heard it was LSL that made that claim& don't know the full details.
Please check out all your doctors before getting any type surgical procedure, whether it's LSL or others. It's worth the extra time.
A low cost facelift is not worth the pain& suffering any more than a full price one is.Do your homework! It's not something I knew I could do when I had this done.They are not very nice about bad results, somehow claiming it's the patients fault. That has been my experience as well as many others I've read stories on.
It seems to me like the doctor turnover, especially the board certified plastic surgeons, is often.Many doctors are ENTS.
Although my incisions have healed nicely, they are placed away from the ear, not attempted to hide them in the ear creases and are easily seen. I was left w/ pixie ears, the promise of a redo, but no promise the scars would ever be hidden or that my nerve damage would be fixed.I have constant, chronic pain under/on my earlobes going under my chin across my neck to the other earlobe. They did nothing to help me, nor did they seem to care.From Corporate offices to the actual center I had it done at, no-one offered to help. I have never had a doctor lie to me like the doctor there did and I find that appalling!He is no longer with the company. My 2nd consult there didn't even check my ears/face when I had my 2nd consult.I was told to see a neurologist& he'd redo it with no promises it would get better, but gave me 10 days. I couldn't even get into a neurologist in 10 days.
If I had it to do over again, I'd have waited, paid the extra money and been put to sleep. It was no fun having many painful needles injected from my hairline to the bottom of my ears, or them not mentioning the smaell of your flesh burning or the noise of them clipping your skin.As a patient we have a right to know what to expect, never having it done,being told it's a small incision in the fold of the ear, hidden in the crease, not noticable when healed fully.The doctor that originally did my procedure, upon seeing the pixie ear, offered a solution. It was to pull down the other ear& sew it to my face like the left ear.The right ear was sewed almost all the way down the earlobe, not totally.
It's a shame they don't take better pride in their work or offer help to those of us that had bad results. That's my experience a few yrs ago.
I do have to say this: There are some happy people and some good doctors, just do your homework. Please!
Do they have time to go deep w/ an hour procedure? Do you see many of these injuries or more bad scarring?
would th fold hurt the nerves or cause them not to work properly?Where is it folded?
the nerves could be injured if the surgeon goes too deep when elevating the skin,,,the facial nerve which moves the face muscles could be injured when the plication is done since it is done blindly
the answer by the above doctor is not quite correct,,the Lifestyle lift is a SMAS plication ( folding with a suture) which is not new or developed as they say by Kent, he just coined the Lifestyle lift name,,,any plastic surgeon who has wound care training,access to lasers which can deal with scars etc can handle the problem the only thing is the cost could be high
What do you mean by folding? Fold our skin on top of itself& sew it?
no the SMAS is done this way folding is called plication,or imbrication,,and the smas means superficial aponeurotic system Kent did invent it a surgeon Skoog did ,,the skin is then redrapped and trimmed,,,like redoing you sofa with another fabric