Has anyone had Lifestyle lift in the West Palm Beach, FL area?

  • hopingforchange
  • Lake Worth, FL
  • 3 years ago

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Ms Hoping for change...looks like there has been some good results in West Palm Beach. That is so good to hear. If you can get one of these fine ladies to give you a NAME OF THE GOOD DOCTOR it would be a blessing. I would consider it. However, IF they dont tell you and you dont see some photos (not the ones on TV, maybe someone in the waiting room?) DONT DO IT. I believe the owner of the business is strictly business and does not care if we get beautiful or not.How stupid is he? When people like me have the guts to stand up and FIGHT for our right as a patient. He does not seem to care that he hires BAD doctors that do not know what they are doing, what is best for the patient, and stands for what he does and admit that he is a failure. Who would ever do that BUT he could promise to FIX what he BROKE. It wont happen. LSL won a fight against this website because we the people are expressing our views of LSL. Imagine that in these days when we dont have FREEDOM OF SPEECH ANY MORE!! But that is another story isnt it? This is presisly why we have freedom of speech in our Bill of Rights, this is one good reason. No, i would not go to this company because they will not take a true interest in yu but only in his company. He could fix the problem w a few dollars and FIRE the incomponent doctor but he does not. He goes to court spending alot of monoey to contest websites like this one who cares about us. Go to a REAL surgeon with good words from a real surgical nurse that knows what she is talking about And i say this because you have to ask someone who REALLY KNOWS. I have a distant realative that went to a heart surgeon without asking me and he told her he did what no other doctor does 'puts the heart on her belly to FIX it so he can have all the advantages of manipulation to do a GREAT JOB! He is calling her a STUPID IDIOT and she did not even no it. See how they are? I have worked w them for 46yrs and i know how they are, the good ones that i know, and the BAD ones that i know and would NEVER send you to. Please be so careful. Pray about this and listen to your heart, NOT YOUR WISHES. You have to get the BEST! or you will look like the rest of us.
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i had a complex of the hereditary jowls. now after an awful adventure with LSL I had a pixie ear and a revision by dr catafumo (which was on his last day by the way)i now have a bigger red scar and the other side is still red. now I have a new complex of the scars due to the pulling of the skin not the tissue which a real plastic surgeon would have done. Now what. mo money mo money. LSL blows in my book. not good at all. the original surgery was jan 2011 and the revision on the left was in april. not to mention there was a 2 inch piece of my flesh with my hair on it ON the floor that I picked up and handed to the dr. he laughed now i am going to a real plastic surgeon. On a good note i like the lift and the eye lift and neck. but who wants the scars like this . pretty obvious i had work done.
I did go to 3 other surgeons and the price was 2x the amount. i ws told that I would be a breeze and perfect candidate. now dr cat is gone and the other dr says Hey i inherited this mess that i didnt do. i always wore a short haircut and now cant even wear my hair up to go run an chore. lots of makeup makes it ok. still mot accepable. wow
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My friend Kumar had a lifestyle lift, but it's not in West Palm Beach, FL area. My friend once had a scar in his neck, but later he had a plastic surgery to remove it. The surgery went all good and now he is scar free. I want to know, do plastic surgery have any side-effect in the future?
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Cosmetic wise is what you see is what you get
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