Has Anyone Had Lifestyle Lift by Dr. Carlos Luis Farias Jr. in St. Louis Mo?

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I'm thinking of having this procedure, has anyone else had it? and what should I expect?

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Goodmorning, I had the LSL by Dr Farias in January 2014 in Downers Grove Il. I was promised the results would look 100% natural, & he made good on that promise. I hated my profile(turkey neck and jowls). I am 52 yrs. old and I had no illusions of looking 20yrs again, I laughingly said "I would just like to revisit my 40's" I feel I have. I love my results, I look refreshed, approachable, and energized. I am in the health care profession so I was acutely aware of surgical protocol and after care, that being said I was very impressed and satisfied. Dr Farias was very attentive calling to check on me and leaving me his cell # if I should have any questions or concerns after hours. Dr Farais is not only skillful at his craft but a caring individual.
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C.I Hi I had my procedure this february 2014 and I am happy with the results Dr Carlos Farias is very profesional and he has a lots of experience DownersGrove Il
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I had the Lifestyle Lift on March 15 and went back to work on March 22, I couldn't be happier. I'm not sure what all the negative stuff is about. I'm completely satisfied with the results. I would recommend this to anyone. I was back to work in one week with some heavy concealer and a scarf to hide the bruising around my neck. Otherwise, all good!

L in St. Louis
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We'd love an update on how you're feeling about your LSL a year out!

Have you had any responses? I have the procedure set up for 3/15 with Dr. Farias. Reading some of these comments scare me.
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I know it scares me to. I already set up the apt.
Cancel before it's too late and get your money back Please get other options than the old fashioned SMAS surgery that only works for 5 % of certain people. LSL will not individuallize. "Every single patient gets the same basic face-lift," He being David Ken, continued to explain that it consists of lifting underlyin layer of muscle and connective tissue, and trimming skin. Patients also receive custom nips and tucks as needed. (Article New York Times- SKIN DEEP A Face From An Infomercial. Google it and you can read the whole thing. The corporate monstrocity has been convicted of felony fraud and you don't want to take the risk of becoming one of us who are joining a lawsuit en mass.
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