Life after tummy tuck

  • ShikhaChoudhary
  • 1 year ago

I'm going in for tummy tuck on 24 th jan this year but my only concern is that will I be able to live a normal life as I do today - I've already lost 15 kgs thru exercise yoga n diet control - my concern is that suppose I eat more than my normal diet on some days , will I succumb to some kind of problems for example or say I overdo or stress myself due to some reason say after 4-6 months of the surgery- will my body not be able to take it - what I actually mean to say is that say I give as much as 4-5 months time to myself after the surgery , can I expect myself to be as active and as normal as I'm today ... Please do answer me as I'm very anxious to know this as I don't want to be crippled or don't want a restricted life after this surgery throughout the rest of my life

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I am 7 weeks PO as of yesterday and my PS just gave me the all clear to go back to Bikram yoga. By 4-5 months, you will be back to your old self, minus loose skin. :)
Bikhram at 7 weeks! i am afraid to do that now! lol
I'm not sure why you'd think you'd be crippled in any way! definitely do your research, check your doctor out, look at lots of before and after pics, talk to people who had your surgeon, ect. I'm 3 months po and starting to get back to normal.activity. it takes some time but i believe i will be back in full swing in the next few months! i don't know if you have any health issues, but i would just talk to your doctor! the way i figured it is this procedure has like a 95% approval rating on real self. that's pretty good! i would do it again if given the chance, SO worth it!