Life after tummy tuck

  • ShikhaChoudhary
  • 1 year ago

I'm going in for tummy tuck on 24 th jan this year but my only concern is that will I be able to live a normal life as I do today - I've already lost 15 kgs thru exercise yoga n diet control - my concern is that suppose I eat more than my normal diet on some days , will I succumb to some kind of problems for example or say I overdo or stress myself due to some reason say after 4-6 months of the surgery- will my body not be able to take it - what I actually mean to say is that say I give as much as 4-5 months time to myself after the surgery , can I expect myself to be as active and as normal as I'm today ... Please do answer me as I'm very anxious to know this as I don't want to be crippled or don't want a restricted life after this surgery throughout the rest of my life