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Lessons from first week post op

  • majatummy
  • Houston
  • 3 years ago

Thought I was prepared but so much about this has been surprising. Lay still and there is no pain...move and it's off the chart so you just lay still. Abdomen feels SO a snare drum...must stay bent forward and that causes lower back to ache. This was seriously uncomfortable.

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Thanks is getting better. Drains out now and had a real shower yesterday. Legs shaved. Ahhhhhhh.
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Ahhhhh is right!   That heavenly first shower and shave:)   Feeling human again?
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Welcome to the Swell Hell club!   Hang on it gets better each week.
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Ah yes the first week post tummy tuck is most definitely a character building experience. More little aches & pains than one can imagine. Kimmers is right - just take care & hang on. It does get better!
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