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anything to do to lessen "down time"...swollen, duck lips from juvederm injections around lips?

  • perception928
  • Richmond, VA
  • 1 year ago

  this is my 3rd time with juvederm.  the 1st time i had n0 problems at all, second time i had one small lump that eventually went away.  This time i have frightening "duck lips"  that are so swollen and bruised.  The thing is, i used the same amount of juvederm each time, and a man i consider to be reliable. board certified plastic surgeon.  I am icing, but wonder if i can do some massaging my self also.  Panicing in Virginia  

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try tumeric next time. I'm looking at date of your post. This stuff really helped with the inflammation. its 2 days later and I have no swelling or bumps at all.
I use arnica cream I find it helps with the swelling and bruising, best of luck and hope all is resolved soon. x

Oh no :( Swelling is never fun to deal with. How long has it been since you had the injections done?

Here is a Q&A that might help. Some of the doctors mention other ways to help with swelling besides just icing:

Reducing Juvederm Swelling with Cold Compress?