Left nipple smaller than right due to bunching?

  • perkygirl
  • 2 years ago

My doctor told me that the bunching around my left nipple will relax and make my areola become bigger.  My right nipple is the size it should about the size of a loonie, but my left is half the size about the size of a nickle and its nearly just the nipple sticking out with only a little bit of areola. Is it true that the bunching will relax making my nipple and areola area the same size as my right?  Going into surgery my nipples were the same size.  I also find that my left nipple is not centered in the middle of my breast. Even the incision downwards is not centered, It actually goes outwards to right towards the armpit. Why did the doctor do that?  And will it settle to the middle or is it pretty well going to stay in that position?  Ive been trying to search for photos and forums of people who possibly have had the same problems as me, but Ive across no one and its making me nervous.   Even though my doctor tells me that one breast could heal fast than the other and that they will settle into shape within time, I still need a second, third or fourth opinion.  What if it doesnt can he correct it, and will it be covered under my health care again?   Any insight, would be amazing thank you! 

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My surgery was December 7th. 19 days ago. I just need to know if the actual nipple will even out eventually over time. If that ever happens when a breast reduction is preformed. Or if it really is just the size in breasts due to swelling. I don't want to be told something just for reassurance from my doctor when its not the case.
When was your surgery? It's hard for me to tell from the photo. Hopefully Kimmer's link helps you find some answers, but if you are still unhappy a few weeks from now, I would definitely talk about it more with your doctor.

Good luck!

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