Did LED work on treating your acne or skin problem?

  • Janet 2007
  • Florence, MA
  • 4 years ago

Have you tried treating your acne or other skin probem using an LED device, whether at home or at a dermatologists office?  What are the pros/cons?

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This treatment is based on a photo-sensitive liquid that is injected to the body. this liquid is attached to the unhealthy cells of the body. When it is exposed from outside to strong light it become solid, and thus it kills the unhealthy cells. [url=http://www.springfieldhypnotherapy.co.uk/]Hypnotherapy Chelmsford[/url]
Kimbra, I use an LED called Baby Quasar and it's worked for me. I believe it is about $400, but when you think about cost over time vs. all the money you spend on medications and treatments, it's worth it. The only con about it is that if you are prone to epileptic seizures, the pulsing of the light can set that off.
I suffered from acne as a kid and luckily grew out of most of it, but still suffered from mild adult acne. I tried everything including regular facials, the only thing that keeps my acne at bay is using mineral makeup. Not the most masculine thing, but I tell you it works. I get the occasional one or two zits, but for the most part I get compliments on my complexion all the time. I recommend Jane Iredale's products, I use her H/E bronzer for men.
My teenage son had suffered from acne for several years. Although he was under the care of a dermatologist, taking many different oral medications and using topical scrubs/creams, the acne persisted. The dermatologist recommended Accutane. I read up on Acutane and decided the potential risks were unacceptable. So, the dermatologist recommended a facial scrub and blue-light (or blue light) treatment combination. It was a bit pricey, but I was already out considerable monies for the quarterly visits and medications for several years. So, we went forward with the blue-light treatment. It absolutely fried my son's skin. The "sunburn" was horrible and too sore to touch for several days. The skin on his face peeled and the sunburn FINALLY went away. The acne was no better, though. Even more than a year later now, his skin is no better than before the blue-light treatment. I wish I had not gone forward with the treatment. My son suffered unnecessary pain for no gain. I would not recommend the blue-light treatment to anyone for the purpose of helping with acne.