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Is Latisse continuing to work for you?

  • cmotts
  • Palm Springs, CA
  • 3 years ago

I've used Latisse for about 5 months. Initally I had fairly good results but now my lashes seem to have gone back to what they were before. I don't seem to be getting any results anymore. Has anyone else experienced this. I don't know whether to continue using it or not.

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Yes , i am using latisse fronm 3 months and it provide me amazing results.The Latisse therapy is lengthy as the drug’s effects are slow. Results of therapy will show at eight weeks or two months. The chief benefit of using the Latisse treatment is that it’s relatively cheap therapy and not very cumbersome. Latisse is the FDA-approved treatment to grow lashes longer, fuller, darker, is easy to use, FDA approved and effective.
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Wow... Latisse seems as a great product. I think that I will also try it... I want to have fuller and longer eyelashes. :D
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