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Latisse applicator - how yours look like?

  • Yul
  • 1 year ago

All the papers say the brush should be angled, but mine is very straight, just regular black brush. Also , if i put one drop of solution, it kinda all goes inside the brush and the tip stays dry...So i need to use at least 2 drops every time....Did anyone experience same thing?   Thank you

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I got given a hundreds of tiny little applicators. They have a white thin handle then come to a tiny little fuzzy ball at the tip. Got mine from a company called Mylash in London (England)
I have the brand name Latisse and my applicator is black and straight. I just put one drop on and share it for both eyes even though it says one drop per eye. I just tip the application brush side down and the tip stays wet enough to apply the drop to my eyelid. Definately worked for me.

This isn't a direct answer to your question but it might help a little: