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Latisse and skin darkening

  • redheadedmama
  • 1 year ago

I have used three bottles (almost) of Latisse. I don't care what the doctors say on Real Self...Latisse does cause skin to darken in some individuals. I use a very thin brush and only apply it on every third night on the lash line only sparingly...I still look like I have two black eyes. I hate the idea of stopping it because I have a bald spot on lash line without it. I wonder if those lasers that remove freckles and purple pigmentation could remove this?

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Hi Jill81... I would post a question to the good doctors but I fear I would only get the same response as I have seen posted by them before 'does not cause skin darkening...putting too much on, not close enough to lash line...smaller brush'... What I am going to try and do is try putting it on during the day on clean lashes. I think that when my eyes are closed at night, the product spreads down lashes and into corners of eyes...worth a shot...I may not keep the longer bottom lashes (product transfers with eyes closed to lower lashes) but I may have less upper skin darkening and irritation. ((Sigh))
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I think if you ask if a laser would lighten the darkened skin you might get some  useful info.  Most of the answers I've seen about skin darkening have indicated that Latisse indeed can cause skin discoloration with repeated use. 

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Yeah I can see the darkening.  You might want to ask your own question as to whether or not laser treatment would work for the discoloration:

Here is a forum post about the same thing:

I hope you find an answer and/or some support!



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I've been having the same problem...I started using latisse a few months ago and now my eyes have a dark brownish hue around them, which makes me look constantly tired. It looks better when I have makeup on to cover it up, but now I'm embarrassed to go out in public without makeup because I feel like I look like a ghoul! Do you have light skin? I do have light skin and with all the pictures I've seen online, it seems to be worse for light skinned individuals. In one article I read, the lady's skin still hadn't gone back to normal after 5 months without latisse!!! This scares me, as it could be irreversible! I don't want to stop using latisse because I love what it's done to my lashes, but I'm tired of having this skin-darkening issue. Please let me know what you find out! Thanks.
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