I got 4 laser Yag on my face and nothing. I am very disappointed. Could it be not done properly or Yag not good?

  • Suseq
  • 7 months ago

I paid plenty after researching the Gentle Yag for laser on my face. After 4 sessions, nothing substantial. Quite minimal to say the least. When I researched, it said most saw pretty quick and after 4 there should be a good result. I am wondering if the gal who did it, did it correctly. And/or if the Gentle Yag was not really a good machine or possibly not the Yag at all.

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I have provide laser treatment surgery and it's best no effect.
Several factors go into play when using the Yag for skin tightening. Spot size, pulse duration and the number of pulses used to generate heat to the dermal layer. When I was first researching the Candela Gentle Yag, I had a salesman from the company bring in the system to try on several current clients. The treatment instructions from the salesman were to make 3 passes over the area. Results were a big "0". This system will give great results if performed correctly. It is important to have good before pictures taken so you are able to compare with the post treatment results.